I: Goglobal abide by the Labor Law and provide abundant holidays:
1. Statutory holidays;
2. Sick leave;
3. Personal leave;
4. Marriage leave;
5. Bereavement leave;
6. Home leave;
7. Maternity leave;
8. Sabbaticals;
9. Annual leave;
10. Work related injury leave.

II: Goglobal provides chances for further training and education. More info please refer to Staff Training and Education Regulations.

III: Goglobal provides various kinds of insurance:
1. Medical insurance;
2. Unemployment insurance;
3. Endowment insurance;
4. Accident insurance;

IV: Goglobal provides health examination annually and organize travel twice a year.


Sales/ Oversea Sales (5 needed)
1: College degree or above, and good at English communication  and computer operational skills;
2: Two years working experience or above, and have a strong will to take part in business;
3: One who is mature and fully capable of work is preferred.

Market assistant 
1: Getting the best rate from the carrier, formulating Marketing Strategy and guide the sales;

2: Two years of working experience or above of marketing. College degree and CET-4 at least;

3: A clear mind and good communication skills is requested. Be able to work under high load pressure. Good at analyze and solve all upcoming problems;

4: Strong sense of responsibility; 

5: Lady first.